Geographical position

Bela Crkva valley descends between Vrsac mountains in the north to the south of the Danube and the Carpathian mountains to the east. It is open to the west - the Pannonian Plain, and that is why related to it, Bela Crkva seems its biggish bay. Winds brought plaster clay and sand to the valley. Plaster clay covers all the lower valley areas, while the sand was brought on the west side in the form of long sand dunes in the northwest-southeast direction. This sand separates Bela Crkva from the Deliblato sand.

Bela Crkva is situated in the central part of the river Nera widening, reclining on its northern, higher brim, and more southwards it lowers to the wet and marsh Nera valley. This land is very suitable for viniculture, and the rest of the land for farming. As the soil of the former Pannonian Sea, this land has great economic importance. The land around Bela Crkva provides favorable conditions for the development of vineyards and orchards. Because of such favorable conditions, the basin is densely populated. Bela Crkva lies in the fertile and wine-rich valley at an altitude of 89.5 m, at the latitude of 44° 53' 55'' and longitude of 21° 25' 24''.

The municipality of Bela Crkva covers an area of 353 km2. There are about 21,500 hectares of arable land. The remaining parts consist of: meadows, pastures, vineyards, orchards, forests and other.

The rivers Nera and Karas run through Bela Crkva valley and it is intersected by the Danube - Tisa – Danube canal.

The river Nera is left and the smallest confluent of the Danube. Its headwaters are Romania and it enters our country enters in the village of Kusić. From that place to the mouth of the Danube, the Nera river forms 27 kilometers of border to Romania.

There are six artificial lakes in the surroundings of Bela Crkva, created in the hollows from which gravel was extracted. They are of different sizes and depths and the highest one is in the immediate vicinity of Bela Crkva.

Bela Crkva and surroundings have a moderate continental climate characterized by long and hot summers, slightly colder, and sometimes cold and snowy winter, short spring and warmer autumn. The climate of this region is particularly featured by Košava wind. It is a strong, dry and squally wind that blows up to three weeks. Košava is a southeastern wind blowing towards the northwest. Besides, there are northern and northwestern winds blowing here. Northern wind is cold and most often blows in winter while the northwestern wind brings rain.

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